North Carolina Business Group on Health Joins National Effort to Repeal the Cadillac Tax

Today the North Carolina Business Group on Health (NCBGH), a trade association of North Carolina employers working to impact the quality and cost of healthcare delivery systems in North Carolina, announced it has joined the Alliance to Fight the 40, a national broad-based coalition seeking to repeal the 40% tax on employee health benefits.

“We are thrilled to join the Alliance to Fight the 40,” said Kimberli Lasyone, president of NCBGH. “We look forward to working with the Alliance to repeal the ‘Cadillac Tax’ so we protect the more than 4 million North Carolinians who rely on employer sponsored health benefits.”

“The NCBGH is a leader in ensuring high quality and cost-effective health coverage for North Carolinians. We are honored to have the group join our coalition,” said James A. Klein, president of American Benefits Council – an organizer of the Alliance to Fight the 40. “The so-called 'Cadillac tax'
does not just affect overly-rich health plans. It also hits ordinary plans that are expensive for all the right reasons -- they cover older and disabled workers and families with catastrophic health events. This tax must be repealed to preserve vital protection for these vulnerable populations and the people of North Carolina. NCBGH’s voice is a vital one to communicate this message," Klein said.

The 40% tax applies to plans sponsored by both private sector and public sector employers, non-profit organizations and even self-employed individuals. So it is not just people employed by private sector companies, but also teachers, police officers, social workers and anyone covered by an employersponsored health plan who will see their health plans taxed.

North Carolina Business Group on Health is a trade association of employers using their collective voice to influence decisions that impact the quality and cost of healthcare delivery systems in North Carolina. We accomplish our mission and foster North Carolina’s economic development in the following ways:

  • Advocate – Create a business community with a shared vision and message on matters of healthcare policy, regulation, and legislation based on sound fiscal principles and quality standards.
  • Innovate – Seek creative, common sense solutions to improve the overall cost and quality of our healthcare delivery system.
  • Educate – Promote health and wellness education. Advocate for provider performance disclosure of both quality and outcomes to help employees become better consumers of healthcare services.

For more information about the Alliance to Fight the 40: or on Twitter @fightthe40; for more information on the North Carolina Business Group on Health: or on Twitter @NCBGH_1